Suunto PC Pod

Suunto PC Pod

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The Suunto PC POD enables wireless transmission of heart rate data from your HR transmitter belt to your PC, but also wireless download data recorded by the Suunto t3 and Suunto t4 . In this way, your coach or himself can control his performance, in real time, on the screen of a PC.

The Suunto PC POD is a Suunto wireless transmission device, and has been designed to improve the functionality of your wrist computer. It is a perfect tool for both physical training enthusiasts and professionals (personal trainers, physiotherapists, etc.). 

Thanks to its transmission range of up to 10 meters, the Suunto PC PODis able to download your training data directly to your PC. The tracking software specially designed for the POD PC displays and stores the heart rate data of 3 athletes, in real time, during the training session. 

Now, you can visualize graphics or data in heart rate format on your PC's screen.